To build a truly user driver NFT ecosystem, the MOBOX platform provides a set of tools for the community to use. Whether you are a game developer, artist, or an NFT collector users can make use of the MOBOX platform to not just create but also to earn.

1. MOMO NFT and Interoperability


MOMO is a kind of NFT asset of the MOBOX platform, used in MOMO mining and games on the MOBOX platform.

The MOBOX platform creates a unique NFT liquidity mining mechanism. User’s NFT is no longer just a digital artwork and has been given practical application value.

True Interoperability

While many realize the potential of Non-Fungible Tokens, they still haven’t reached it’s full potential when used in games.

This is partly due to limitations on the current NFT standards, high gas fees for sophisticated randomization, and failure to show true interoperability.

To remedy this issue MOBOX NFTs use both ERC721 and ERC1155 standards generated on the Binance Smart Chain. This significantly reduces gas fees allowing for more sophisticated logic when generated unique NFTs on-chain.

True interoperability can be achieved in two ways. Either by interoperability between blockchains or interoperability between applications.

2. Mining Camp

NFT Yield Farming

We have created a unique yield farming mechanisms that puts your NFTs to work. By staking unique MOMOs users can farm the MOBOX platform DAO token (MBOX).

Each MOMO has a randomly generated hash power that can be upgraded by consuming other MOMO NFTs. The total hash power is calculated by adding up the hash power of all your MOMOs.

The amount of MBOX tokens mined is dependent on your weighted average of the total hash power across the platform.

The amount of MBOX tokens released per day is also dependent on the total hash power across the platform.


Total Hash Power




















How to participate

In order to reduce the Gas by players, all newly acquired MOMOs will be automatically staked and mined without any other operations.

Stake does not affect the use of MOMOs in the game.

Claim MBOX

The income distribution depends on the weighted average of the user's total hash power on the platform;

Simply, as the hash power increases the income will increase;

In the mining camp, user are able to browse the hash power they own as well as total hash of platform. The daily income from mining can be obtained at the position shown below.

3. MOMO Obtaining

NFT Market

The MOMO NFT Marketplace is your one stop shop on all things MOMO.

This is a decentralized marketplace that allows users to buy, sell and rent their MOMO’s. Users are also able to buy & sell a wide range of other items such as the NFT Mystery Boxes, MEC (MOMO Enhancement Crystals) and GEMs.

In order to provide the best experience and the least fees, we have optimized the smart contracts specifically for MOMO NFT Farmer in the following ways.

  1. MOMOs can be exchanged directly within the smart contract. Therefore users do not have to unstake their MOMO for them to be traded in the NFT Marketplace. This also minimizes gas fees to provide a low cost experience when trading NFT assets.

  2. When a user lists their MOMO for sale, the MOMOs Hash Power is substracted from the user's Total Hash Power. Therefore the user does not have to unstake, saving on gas fees.

  3. When a user purchases a MOMO from the marketplace, the MOMO's Hash Power is added to the user's Total Hash Power. Therefore the user does not have to stake, saving on gas fees.

  4. The marketplace also has a Bundle System giving users the the option to sell or buy multiple MOMO NFTs at a time.

  5. The MOBOX platform takes a 5% exchange fee that goes to the Buyback and Burn pool.

Mystery BOX

Raffle Mystery BOX: rules and paths shown below.

Open the mystery BOX to get a MOMO, paths shown below.

MOMO transaction fee: 5%. The handling fee collected through the market will enter the buyback pool, and the MBOX will be buyback and burned every hour according to the rules.

In order to reduce the impact of token price fluctuations, MOMO currently only supports BUSD transactions. It will continue to support other tokens in the future.

4. MOMO Views

View My MOMOs

In MOMO Farmer, click on "My MOMO" to view the MOMOs you owned;

By select "collection" lable, it will shows all the MOMOs can be generated currently.

MOMO interface

Click on a MOMO to enter the MOMO detailed interface, which allowed to upgrade, enhancement, rename, leave a message etc.

Rename MOMOs

IF you want to rename your MOMO, simply click on the little pencil as shown in picture 3 and edit the name and message.

Rare Quality MoMos with Hash Rate ≥ 30 can edit name.

Epic Quality can edit name, Hash Rate ≥ 80 can add a personal message.

Transaction history

From market page, click on the icon shown below.

5. MOMO Lending


From market click on "MOMO Lending", select your favorite MOMO and enter the rental days;

Click on the lending list to view the current rental MOMOs;

If not sure about the benefits, usually recommended for short-term rentals such as one day;

System allowed users to renew before the end of the lease.


Token Master: Rented MOMOs are able to participate in the gold mining in Token Master, mining speed depends on the hash power of MOMO;

Also, players are able to participate in plunder, compete for various rankings and get rewards.

Block Brawl: Rented MOMOs are able to to participate in block brawl mining (minimum 200 hash is required to mine skill books and equipment) to compete for ranking terms to obtain rewards;

The rented MOMOs can participate in MOMO sweep event in the game (level 4-45 needs to be unlocked) to get MBOX rewards;

In the mining interface, you can view the MOMOs currently owned or rented.


From market page click on "MOMO Lending" and select "Lending list";

From the list page, select "being lended out" and click on the icon under "time left" column;

Enter the days you want to renew and pay rent for it.

MOMOs obtained by lending are not able to participate in MOMO mining. Usually it be used in games on the MOBOX.

After renting out MOMO, it will not affect the total hash that you owned, and will not suspend MOMO mining.

6. Sell MOMOs

If you would like to sell your MOMOs, simply head over to the "MARKET" section of the platform.

Select the MOMO you would like to sell and follow the prompts.

If you have multiple MOMOs you can also sell them in the bundle this was enabled so users can save on transaction fees.

Your MOMO needs to be STAKED so you can sell it!

​7. Hash Power

What is base hash power

Each MOMO NFT has a randomly base hash power, it can be enchanced by consuming other MOMO NFT or MEC.

The income distribution depends on the weighted average of the user's total hash power on the platform; And "total hash power" is the sum of all momos hash power on the platform.

How can I know what the Base Hash Power is of my MOMO?

The base hash of your MOMOs is the initial hash power given to it when it was minted, below is an example of how you can see the different base hash power.

How to upgrade my MOMOs?

If you are lucky enough to own a Rare or Epic MOMO then you can upgrade those MOMOs. Only Epic and Rare MOMOs can be upgraded (Legendary MOMOs have not been released yet), all other MOMOs can NOT be upgraded.

Simply go to “My MOMO” section and select your Rare or Epic MOMO click on "Upgrade" and add the MOMOs to upgrade your Hash Power.

You will need to confirm transaction you also will require BNB in your account to cover any transaction gas fees.

To upgrade your MOMOs you will require other MOMOs to be consumed in the upgrade. All MOMOs that are used in the upgrade are burned.

What MOMO’s do I need for my UPGRADE?

If you would like to know what is required for each level upgrade of your MOMO, simply head over to MY MOMO section, choose MOMO Quality enter the base power of your MOMO and click Confirm.

After select MOMO quality and enter the initial hash power, it will shows the amount and quality of MOMOs needed to upgrade.

Enhancement: increase your MOMO’s Base HASH with MEC

If you have obtained MEC and want to upgrade your MOMO’s base hash, simply head over to “MY MOMO” and select the MOMO you would like to Enhance.

You will be presented with the above screen. If this is your first time doing an upgrade, you will need to approve MEC first. The enhancement will give you an extra increase based on the rules, which is shown above.

Once you have the min MEC required, click on Cost and then Enhance. Your base hash will increase but so will you overall hash power.

More Details about: MEC system

Fixed bonus hash

Each group of MOMO with 4 qualities of common, uncommon, unique and rare can obtain an additional 300 Fixed bonus hash.

For example, if you gather the following set of MOMO, you can get an extra 300 hash bonus.

Mining Camp Rules

Click ming camp on MOMO farmer. The Rules is shown below.

Note: MOMO of the same group of images can only get a maximum of 300 fixed bonus hash, and will not repeat the bonuses.

Earned fixed bonus hash

From "My MOMO" page, click the "Hammer" icon. It will shows the current fixed bonus hash you owned and completed combinations of MOMOs.

As shown below, the player has reached a combination which obtain a bonus of 300 hash.

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