Easy - Access

The first step for a project to grow in users is the ease of access. Users will always choose the path of least resistance. Yet decentralized applications fail to address this issue as they always depend on third party wallets to onboard users. When developers are not in control of their on-boarding process they become inelastic and dependent on current sophisticated processes that hinders adoption.

The MOBOX platform comes with a decentralized and centralized wallet that allows for a seamless experience for every application on the platform. User’s can also choose to register/login with their social media accounts and having their private keys saved to the cloud. This gives user an onboarding process they are already familiar with while keeping everything decentralized and secure, ensuring that their keys is their money.

In order to make sure the user stays in command and always has the easiest access to all things crypto, MOBOX has created a wallet plugin and Android and iOS apps to ensure that your crypto and NFTs can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

With support for all major blockchains, users can enjoy their favorite dApps, transfer crypto, store their NFT collectibles, and invest in various decentralized finance protocols. All in one simple to use platform.

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