There will be 3 different TradeAction gameplays

A. SimpleTrade — In SimpleTrade mode each week we will have a set of tokens that users can trade using a simulation tool.

Here we will have a leaderboard, the leaderboard rank will be based on how much each user earns throughout the competition.

With this user-friendly process, one of our aims is to help users who are reluctant to get into crypto trading to try, give this a go and have fun!

Also, let's not forget the added opportunity of it being an innovative way to learn and earn.

Trading doesn’t need to be boring with SimpleTrade on MOBOX.

B. LeverageMania — LaverageMania is a short burst of exciting gameplay where you are given tokens, and you either sell short or buy long with up to 1000x leverage.

This is exhilarating gameplay where one moment you can watch your earnings jump high to potentially millions.

LeverageMania makes a rather boring or non-exciting market environment incredibly captivating & will continue to keep you in suspense awaiting that next jump in earnings!

Here, the leaderboard is based on how much each user earns and also will include crypto prizes.

C. Bull vs Bear — This will offer users some fast-paced action, and the chance to win in a very short span of time. Definitely a very exciting experience.

Bull vs Bear will offer very short bursts of guessing and wondering whether bitcoin will go up or down in the next 60 seconds, a definite fast pace swift, and speedy way to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Here there will be a point system and also included will be a captivating bull vs bear animation along the way.

The leaderboard here will be based on points accumulated.

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