🦄Dragonverse Neo

An Ever-Evolving Autonomous World Shaped By ALL

Dragonverse Neo is the flagship franchise of the Dragonverse series created by MOBOX, featuring:

  • 3D Open World, exploration with DragonPal.

  • REALM, composible co-creation games.

  • Dratopia, an asset-gated crafting platform, open to everyone.

Within Dragonverse Neo, parallel and nested REALMs co-exist in a recursive manner, each of which represents a distinctive mini-game awaiting exploration and creation by intrepid adventurers.

An Ever-Evolving Expedition

Dragonverse Neo is not a standalone game, but an evolving permissionless universe built by players. Looting, NPCs and story progression will be altered by individuals in this ultimate "open-world". Players can traverse composible REALMs created by our community and collect precious in-game and real world assets, breed and train their own unique DragonPals.

In addition to the ultimate "open-world" experience, each player can construct their own "Dratopia": a unique asset-gated Web3 crafting platform. This decentralized infrastructure empowers users to construct their virtual utopia using interoperable NFTs and assets, breaking constraints across multiple games.

Recursive Open Economy: Created by all, Governed by all

Empowered by an extensive 3D game editor, individuals can craft their very own REALMs within Dragonverse Neo, utilizing Bitcoin native assets like Bitmap, BRC-420 and BRC-20. With the ability to mold the terrain, devise gaming mechanics, and forge a game tailored to their wildest imaginations, anyone can unleash their creativity and bring their unique world to life.

In addition, MOBOXers possess the authority to influence the future trajectory of Dragonverse Neo via decentralized governance. This includes launching game content, refining game mechanics, optimizing community rewards, and initiating ecosystem partnerships.

MOSE: a Gaming L3 on Bitcoin L2

MOSE is MOBOX's gaming L3 built on Bitcoin L2, with the goal of enhancing users' gaming experience within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Since the release of ChainZ Arena in 2020, MOBOX has released a variety of games such as MOMOverse, Clash of MOland, MOland Defense, Block Brawler, and Token Master. We have gained extensive insight into Web3 gaming and built a dedicated user community.

With a L3 solution on Merlin Chain, MOSE has the following fundamental improvements:

  • Tailored for AAA-grade Gaming Experiences: Support low-latency, large-scale experience with thousands simultaneous players.

  • Minimized Gas Fees: Allow complex autonomous world computation with highly optimized gas fee consumption.

  • Optimized for Developer: Enable community to create and customize new games with a smooth development workflow and a revenue share mechanism.

Hope to see you soon in Dragonverse Neo!

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