NFT Creator

The MOBOX platform encourages community engagement and believes that community input should be rewarded accordingly.

The NFT Creator is a platform for artists and designers to create their own unique MOMOs to be used across the MOBOX Games. By removing all the technical barriers with understanding Smart Contracts, MOBOX makes the process as simple as possible and gives all the tools required for the user to be rewarded for their creations.

Click, Customize, Create

A user simply uploads an image of their MOMO creation which is stored on the IPFS system ensuring that their creations will never disappear. The user then has the option to select several attributes for their MOMO and a revenue sharing model. The user can choose how much of each final sale they would like to keep, which will automatically be deducted from the final sale price and sent to the creators wallet.

To ensure that only quality user generated MOMOs are used in games, each MOMO NFT once created will be sent to the MOMO NFT proposal feed. Community members can then stake MBOX tokens to vote on whether or not to add the MOMO to the MOBOX family to be used across the game ecosystem.

User generated MOMO NFTs that pass the community vote will also be rewarded with MBOX tokens for their contribution to the wider MOBOX community.

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