Security (mitigating risks)

Due to the numerous attacks on other DeFi platforms, team MOBOX have thoroughly dissected each and every attack to ensure we optimize our Smart Contracts to mitigate risks to user funds. Our Smart Contracts have also been certified by Certik.

Some of the optimizations include: 1. To prevent flash loan attacks

Flash loan attacks must take place in one block. To prevent this on the MOBOX Crates, user's block needs to be carried out atleast 3 blocks of the last deposit.

When investing in a platform where the exchange rate changes in real time, the user's deposit will not immediately trigger the operation of investing in the corresponding platform. Rather the strategy will be triggered and controlled by TimeLock to delay investing in the corresponding platform. Therefore Arbitrage cannot happen in the same transaction.

2. Making it easier for all users

When a user stakes a small amount of funds, it will not immediately trigger the strategy. Rather the streatgy is triggered when a specified amount is accumualted, saving users on gas fees.

Similarly when staking in a single token pool, the pool will have a margin used for small withdrawals. Instead of triggering withdrawal from the corresponding platform, small withdrawals will be taken from the safety margin pool to reduce gas fees.

Please note that although the team has gone through extensive security checks, any coding may have unforeseen risks. Always DYOR before investing.

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