NFT On-Chain Attributes

Each minted MOMO NFT will have a set of unique attributes stored on the blockchain.

On-chain Parameters

  1. Each unique NFT has the following parameters:

Rare Quality MoMos with Hash Power ≥ 30 can edit name.

Epic Quality can edit name, Hash Power ≥ 80 can add a personal message.

Legendary Quality can edit name and add a personal message.

NOTE: Edited names and Personal Messages are stored on the blockchain forever.

2. Rare Quality and above MoMo's level can be upgraded. Each upgrade will increase MOMO's Hash Power. Currently, the maximum level = 30.

3. Rare Quality and above MoMo's can be upgraded by consuming other MOMOs. Requirements for each level and each MOMO is different.

OK! So now you understand the great MOMOs. Let's dive into how MOMO's can be exchanged in the market.

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